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About us

The company BWFTrading has been holding one of the leading positions in the field of production and economic activities for 10 years. All this time, the goal of the company is to provide consumers with high-quality goods and services.

The main activities of the enterprise:


trade in grains, legumes, oilseeds, and products of their processing, both in the domestic and foreign markets


trade in agricultural equipment and accessories


sale of various animal feed


trade in seeds and food

BWFTrading is a reliable partner and experienced player in the grain trade.

The company purchases and supplies corn, barley, wheat, sunflower, yellow peas, millet (yellow and red), buckwheat, mustard (white, yellow, black), coriander, flax, etc.

The soybean processing plant produces soybean oil and soybean meal with a total capacity of 600 tons per month. Soybean oil takes the leading place in the world production of vegetable oils. It is used in a refined form of food. Soybean oil is widely used in the food industry. It is used commercially to produce a wide variety of food products, including salads, margarine, bread, mayonnaise, non-dairy coffee creamers, and snacks. The high smoke point of the soybean oil makes it suitable for frying. A valuable component is a lecithin, which is separated from soybean seeds together with oil for use in the confectionery and pharmaceutical industries. The oil can be used to enrich feed in the preparation of compound feed mixtures and dry feed for animal feeding. And soybean meal is one of the most popular types of feed for farm animals.

Our products are manufactured at modern high-tech facilities, certified by existing requirements, the quality of each batch is constantly checked by specialists with the issuance of relevant documents. The company has a flexible system of discounts and a motivation program for regular customers.