Agricultural equipment and accessories

Agricultural equipment and accessories

Modern agriculture is impossible without the use of agricultural equipment. Due to the use of such types of special equipment, labor productivity increases significantly. Often, to process a large area requires only a few such mechanisms.

Modern devices for agricultural work – powerful units, ready to work in the harshest conditions. There is a distinction between these types of equipment:

  • equipment for pre-sowing soil treatment;
  • sowing units;
  • for the care of crops;
  • for watering and irrigation;
  • for fertilizer application;
  • for harvesting;
  • special-purpose plants for processing grain crops (for example, crushers), etc.

The market for modern agricultural equipment offers units from different manufacturers. Well-known brands guarantee the durability of their devices, the availability of a large number of attachments, which greatly expands the functionality of the equipment. Among the most famous manufacturers:

  • Claas;
  • CNH;
  • New Holland;
  • John Deere;
  • Massey Ferguson;
  • Life-Trac and others.

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