Seed trade

Seed trade

With us it is profitable to cooperate with all who are engaged in professional or amateur crop production, farmers, agribusiness owners, gardeners, and florists amateurs – we offer seeds of interesting species of flowers and vegetables, other plants. These are mainly plants suitable for growing in our climate conditions outside and inside.

It is interesting to watch the miracle of growing out of a tiny seed of crispy vegetables, aromatic herbs, or fragrant flowers. With high-quality seeds and little care, you can soon upgrade your kitchen with fruit from your vegetable garden. And the flowers from our offer promise you great pleasure. Many plants are not only suitable for the garden, but can also be grown on the balcony. Even the smallest space is suitable for growing your flowers and vegetables. And there is always some pride in the ingredients for delicious meals on your table.

We are well aware that our customers have different needs, so we have taken care to ensure that our range is as wide as possible, keeping in mind the highest quality of all products offered.

We strive to constantly expand our assortment by introducing new products – one of them that our online store can offer is the seeds of vegetables and flowers. We also take care of attractive prices.

Which seeds to choose?

Every year we ask this question, so it is advisable to prepare a plan of planting in the garden before the sowing season begins. You have to think about which plants we want to grow. What do we like? Those that are easy to grow and do not require special care, or exotic. You need to assess how many and which plants are required so that you don’t have to buy extra seeds.

It is best to make a list of plant species, including varieties and hybrids, so that when you visit the store or search for these seeds on the Internet, you can implement a previously planned planting project. A pre-prepared list that we need will help us not duplicate seeds when we buy at different times, which often happens, especially at the beginning of our gardening hobby.